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What causes low back pain? Psychosocial Factors And Low Back Pain

Did you know…


Low back pain (LBP) is one of the most predominant musculoskeletal disorders in industrialized societies.

Although the prevalence of LBP is high, with up to 80% of people reporting at least one episode during their lifetime, most people recover within 1month.

Some 10%–40% of all LBP patients go on to develop chronic symptoms and suffer some form of disability


Fear-avoidance model: the presence of psychological factors after experiencing pain. These factors include:


Fear of pain




This leads to fear of movement, resulting in disuse and further disability.

What research has found…

More recently, attention has turned towards identifying the contribution of psychological factors such as fear of movement and catastrophizing to recovery in people with chronic low back pain

It was found that fear avoidance, depression and catastrophizing were predictive of progression from acute LBP to chronic LBP.

A systematic review by Wertli et al., highlighted the moderating effect of fear-avoidance beliefs on treatment efficacy in LBP patients This suggests that the presence of fear-avoidance beliefs is associated with poor recovery.

A systematic review by Alhowimel et al., 2018 showed findings that support anassociation between disability and levels of pain following physiotherapist treatment and baseline psychosocial factors. The greater the level of disability and pain reported, the higher the scores in fear avoidance and catastrophizing.

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