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Running Biomechanical and Sport-Specific Assessments

Team Athletico physiotherapists will combine their knowledge and experience from the Running World with the findings of a Comprehensive Biomechanical Running or Sport Technique Assessment to help identify Faulty Mechanics and Running Patterns, Deviations, and/or Mechanics which commonly lead to Acute and Repetitive Injuries in the running population. 

A Running assessment involves a thorough Visual and Metric analysis of your Running Pattern, Foot Strike, Footwear, Cadence, Running Body Alignment/Adjustments etc. A thorough review of your Running History, Habits and Goals will also be included to help your physiotherapist develop a clear understanding of your running Needs, Limitations and Goals. 

At Athletico, your physiotherapist will work with you to not just get you back to Running and Sports, but also Most Importantly help Mitigate the risk of further sports-related injuries!

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