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Medical Compression and Sports Socks & Stockings

At Athletico, we have Years of experience with the measurement, prescription and dispensing of Custom and Over-the-Counter Medical and Sports Compression Socks and Stockings.

Compression Therapy above the pressure gradient of 20mm of Hg is considered a medical device and should be prescribed by a health provider, including an Athletico Physiotherapist. Research has shown many advantages of Graduated Compression Therapy in the Prevention and Management of many lower extremity repetitive-stress injuries as well as Cardiovascular conditions including varicose veins, lymphedema, CHF etc.

Athletico physiotherapists have received advanced post-graduate training in the assessment, prescription and measurement of Medical and Sports Compression Garments and will be able to evaluate and determine if you would benefit from Medical or Sports Compression Therapy. Your Athletico physiotherapist will review your cardiovascular and circulatory status and combine this information with the mechanics of your body, both static and during movement to help find the best management plan for you, which may include Medical or Sport-Specific Compression Therapy.

We have worked with an excellent lab in Quebec for years who hold a reputation for an excellent turnover time for OTC and Custom-Made compression garments, to ensure that we get the equipment you need to you.. FASTER!

All Athletico custom-made compression garments are prescribed and dispensed by specially-trained and experienced Athletico physiotherapists. Depending upon your insurance coverage requirements, you might require a prescription from your physician for Custom Compression Therapy. At Athletico, we will work closely with your physician and if needed, we can refer you back to your physician for a prescription.

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