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Intra Muscular Stimulation (IMS)

IMS also known as GUNN IMS is a unique assessment and treatment system used commonly for treating Chronic Pain Syndromes of the Spine and Peripheral Joints. The Principles of IMS are a true Canadian invention by past UBC professor and Sports Medicine Specialist Dr. Chan Gunn who after many years of research and development is credited for creation of the unique IMS system of assessment and treatment.

Dr. Gunn and the iSTOP Pain Institute has over the years trained hundreds of Physicians, Pain Medicine Specialists and physiotherapists in this unique assessment and treatment system.

The Gunn IMS educational program which is administered by the University of British Columbia has strict admission criteria which is thought to be one of the factors responsible for the scarce amount of Certified IMS practitioners in Ontario. IMS helps to restore normal muscle length and function, while also reducing pain quickly and effectively.

When clinically indicated, a specific examination is performed to establish if a patient would be a candidate for IMS Needling Treatment. Your Certified IMS Athletico physiotherapist will then Treat you combining IMS with other Research-Based treatment strategies to get you Better, Faster!

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