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Custom and Over-the-Counter Joint Bracing

Athletico physiotherapists when clinically indicated are well-trained to prescribe, measure and dispense Over-the-Counter and Custom braces for your ankle, knee, SIJ, spine, elbow, wrist and other joint conditions.

Athletico works with a World Leader in Custom Joint Bracing to help obtain High Quality Braces to help with your condition. Bracing has shown by research to be vital in providing the static and dynamic support to your joints, while mitigating mechanical stresses and further damage to your healing tissues.

All Athletico Over-the-Counter and Custom-Made Braces are prescribed and dispensed by specially-trained and experienced Athletico physiotherapists. Depending upon your insurance coverage requirements, you might require a prescription from your physician for Custom Braces. At Athletico, we will work closely with your physician and if needed, we can refer you back to your physician for a prescription.

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