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Custom and Over-The-Counter Orthotics

Athletico Physiotherapists have Years of experience with the prescription and design of Custom and Over-the-Counter Foot Orthotics and Custom Footwear. Our orthotics are designed to provide comfort and assist with obtaining optimal alignment of your body, while mitigating cumulative stresses on your joints, spine, muscles and ligaments.

The findings of a thorough biomechanical static and dynamic analysis while non-weight bearing, standing, walking and running is performed by Athletico physiotherapists and our Certified Pedorthist to determine if you need custom or over-the-counter orthotics.

Properly fitted orthotics (custom-made or over-the-counter) are an important part of your foot health and research has shown a direct correlation between improperly fitted footwear and excessive strain and wear on your joints, muscles and ligaments leading to repetitive stress injuries including shin splints and many knee, ankle, hip and spinal conditions.

All custom-made orthotics at Athletico are prescribed and dispensed by specially-trained and experienced physiotherapists and Patrick Fitzgerald, our Certified Pedorthist. Depending upon your insurance coverage, you might require a prescription for your physician to avail reimbursement for custom-made orthotics. At Athletico, we will work closely with your physician and if needed, we can refer you back to your physician for a prescription.

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