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Baby Milestones

Developmental milestones are things most children can do by a certain age. Children reach milestones in how they play, speak, behave, and move!

Remember these are milestones are listed under the FIRST month in which your child MAY achieve them. Babies develop at different rates! Try to avoid comparing your baby to other babies! Always consult with your health care provider if you are worried.


3 months

Holds head up unsupported

Props up on arms when on belly

Holds objects but does not reach for them

4 months

Sits with support

Rolls form back to side

Grasps objects with both hands


7 months

Sits without support

Bears full weight on feet

Bounces when held in standing position


9 months

Begins to crawl

Pulls to a standing position from sitting

Sits for a prolonged time (10 minutes)


12 months

Able to stand alone

Walks with one hand held, may attempt first steps alone

Sits down from standing position without help

PTs treat children with a variety of conditions (but are not limited to):

Generalized developmental delays

Cerebral palsy

Spina bifida

Duchenne muscular dystrophy



Your child may need to see a pediatric PT if they:

Have flattening on one side of the head

Feels “floppy” (they have low muscle tone)

Have a strong preference to look one side

Were Born prematurely

Are hitting milestones late


Speak with an Athletico Sports physiotherapist if you think your child has any of the concerns listed above! We are trained to provide exercises and techniques to address your concerns and help your child develop important motor skills!


At Athletico Sports Physiotherapy we are Experts in Physiotherapy. We work with and coordinate all patient care with other health care professionals to maximize results and effectiveness.


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